Why ReMA?

Even the most efficient of all leadership is incapable of being the most effective when it is leadership from afar. Historically and biblically it has not worked.

The flip side of leadership from afar is its companion – followship from afar. Following from afar may be cosmetically appealing, but realistically the distance between leader and follower abrogates the essentials of day to day relationship, coaching, counseling and modeling.

The unfortunate result of followship from afar is often either denial by the follower or celebrity status by the leader. The problem is that celebrity status borders on idolatry where Christ is moved to 2nd place and the celebrity master assumes headship.

Following from a distance could result in what happened with Peter, who denied Jesus shortly after he began to follow Jesus 􏰆afar off.􏰇 (Luke 22:5)

God himself in establishing the Kingdom here in earth under the reign of his Son did not have his Son lead from afar. When Jesus came here to lead us indeed He came as one of us and dwelt among us.

(John 1:14)

The official board of ReMA leaders are fellow Newark residents who dwell among us.